Separate Yourself From the Competition and 
Dominate Under Pressure

I only work with Highly Committed Athletes and Entrepreneurs who are:
Ready and willing to invest in themselves and put in the work to build the foundation of an elite career
Need bulletproof confidence and a proven systems to help them get what they want
Want to be coached and held accountable by the best and be held to an unreasonable high standard of excellence 
"If you’re a dabbler, or someone who wants to spend months and years searching for the answers in free podcasts and trying to learn through trial and error, this is NOT FOR YOU."
I’ve personally taken over 100 athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders through the Killer Instinct system and have helped them to:
Gain laser like clarity on their vision and master plan for their life and career 
Identify goals and establish written and practical plans to achieve them 
Set up systems for daily execution in any environment
Create bulletproof pregame/pre work routines and consistently prepare at an elite level
Implement Methods for handling pressure and overcoming anxiety and building supreme gametime confidence
Establish Systems for overcoming negative emotional patterns and replacing them with certainty, confidence and fearlessness
To be one of the 25 high performers that get coached by me 
Not sure yet? 

Hear about it from the High Performers themselves:
"I felt like the podcasts were changing my life. I couldn't have imagined how much MORE effective Niyi is in his coaching group. He will challenge you and call you out on your bullshit, but he will fight for you and do everything he can to see you succeed."

Zack Kauffman
 "I've never had someone who believes in me the way that you do and follow up the way that you have."

Na Eun "Jiggy" Yoon
"I am improving at a much faster rate and am really feeling like this is becoming a routine rather than just a phase in my life. I played my first game since joining the program on Saturday and although I was a bit nervous before the game I felt straight locked in, fully confident. Even my coaches and teammates noticed something different about me."

Tyrone Mohamed
"The Killer Instinct Program has completely changed the way I view life. Niyi has shown me the importance of setting goals, scheduling your life, developing unstoppable confidence, and becoming better every singe day. I have found an inner peace and strength that makes me a better husband, father, and teacher."

Terry Carter - Professor, Entrepreneur
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