I was in my senior season at Portland state, after riding the bench for the past 4 seasons of my career as a running back.

A few years earlier I was a walk on at Oregon State, and had just had my first son. I was broke, minus the consistent $47 I had in my pocket from my side hustle of cutting hair, and I was desperate for a real shot to make my dream of becoming a n NFL running back a reality.

So I transferred to portland State, got myself a scholarship, and things were looking up.  

Only thing was that I had an All-American sophomore in front of me who had forearms like popeye and was supposed to be the second coming of Mike Alstott (most famous fullback of all time).

It wasn’t until he got hurt in the beginning of my senior year that I got my shot.

And I was ready….I was having the best year of my life, 11 touchdowns in just 8 games and was on track to be the rushing and receiving leader in my league.

And then it happened…..On The longest run of the year, I got pushed out of bounds and landed right on my wrist...SNAP.

All of the ligaments in my wrist were torn, wrist dislocated, and season over.

I had NFL scouts coming to see me each week leading up to that game, and then just like that, it felt like my chances were over.

I thought about what it would be like to take the bus to a job I didn't want and come home to a crying baby, pit stains in my white dress shirt from the hot bus ride home and eating microwave meals because I couldn't afford to take my girl to Red Robin instead.

A couple of my best friends and even a trusted coach told me I shouldn't worry about trying to make it to the NFL, and that I should probably just try to settle into a job and take care of my family.

Luckily I didn't listen.

Instead I put all my chips on the table, and got picked up by the New Orleans Saints as a rookie free agent.

Even then, I didn’t have much of a shot to make the roster, because there were seasoned veterans ahead of me.

But by week 4 of the 2008 NFL season, I made my first start against the San Francisco 49ers, and got to make my dream of running out of the tunnel with the cheerleaders shaking their pom poms a reality.

Niyi Sobo | New Orlean Saints Video

Like a good chef who made a perfect dish, I wanted to know what was it about that time of my life that made me successful?

What were the keys?

How was I able to make this goal become a reality in the face of so many odds?

Because to be clear, I wasn't set up to succeed.

I mean, Here was my reality at that time of my injury:

1. Almost no one I knew believed I had a real shot

2. I had no money

3. I didn't even have an agent

4. I had a 3 year old son and my second son on the way

5. I had a cast on my wrist, which now looked like and had the strength of an 80 year old man

6. I wasn't able to perform many of the tests at the NFL combine because of my injury

So I think it’s safe to say the stars had not necessarily aligned for me to reach my goals.

Here was the other part of my reality that I believe is what allowed me to go from having an idea, or dream about what I wanted to make happen to that dream actually becoming reality…..

This is the recipe to success that I have now used over and over...the same recipe that If I don't follow, I can virtually guarantee “failure”.

These are the 5 steps I make sure to follow if I want to get what I want:

1. I had crystal clear, laser like CLARITY about what I wanted and where I was going.

2. I had a detailed, well crafted PLAN for how I would get there. 

3. I had EXPERTS who helped me to show me the way.

4. I had ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure I followed through.

5. I had an environment that enforced what I wanted and pushed me in the direction I wanted to go.

When I look back on my career and life as a whole, anytime I had these elements in place, magic happened.

From becoming a firefighter in 6 months when it takes most 7 years….

To building my business to multiple 6 figures in just 2 years, even though building it while I was a firefighter…

To retiring early as a firefighter to build my team and business even further and train and consult pro athletes and business executives...

But I hope I am not creating the illusion that I’ve always been “successful”...

Because as many times as I have succeeded in getting what I wanted, there are many more examples of times where I fell short and feel flat on my face.

Like when I got released from the saints and then got a job as a factory worker for 2 years while I wandered and drifted with no real goals or direction.

Factory Work

Or when I got hurt in my first year as an NFL running back and bordered on depression and my confidence hit rock bottom.
And just like the formula for success, there’s also a formula for failure.

When look back on those times, I was following a recipe for failure. 

1. I had no CLARITY about what I wanted. And because I didn't’, I built more and more uncertainty and fear, and that became chronic stress, overwhelm and low confidence.

2. Because I didn't know where I was going, I didn't have a plan. I was trying things and stopping, inconsistent. 

3. I was undisciplined and gave in to vices like food, sex and sleep. 

4. I isolated myself and my environment was set up for comfort, not to help me grow.

5. I didn't get or seek any advice or expert guidance.

6. I had virtually no accountability.

This was the recipe I followed anytime I stuck in a rut, or not getting the results I wanted. 

And now, as a peak mindset consultant who works with countless athletes, entrepreneurs and business leaders, I see firsthand where people struggle and hit a wall.

They are always lacking in one of those 5 areas…

They don’t have a VISION or CLARITY about their goals.

And even if they do, they don’t have a detailed and relevant PLAN that is simple to follow. 

They don’t have EXPERT guidance.

They lack accountability so that they can actually follow through on that plan. 

And then they are trying to reach these lofty goals while hanging around the same people and stepping in the same environment they are always in. 

And the worst part is that many of these high performers actually work REALLY hard. 

They read a lot of books, listen to a lot of podcasts and even see some positive results in the gym or at work...

But because they don’t have the right elements in place, they still don’t see results when they really matter.

Like on game day. You don’t get respect for what you do in the gym, you get respect for how to perform under those lights. 

Or they don't see the results in their paycheck or bank account. It’s nice that you work 12 hours a day on your business but you can’t pay your bills when you aren't getting customers or aren't selling product.

Or when they look in the mirror after all those weeks in the gym. You may be putting in the work, but unless you get the entire recipe right, you are going to constantly be disappointed with what you see.

What you need is a VISION.

And you need someone to help you craft that vision into very CLEAR goals.

You need a PLAN. A plan that is based on reality and will serve to get you to where you want to go in the fastest, most efficient way possible. 

You need EXPERTS to give you guidance and advice along the way. 

You need SYSTEMS and HABITS that are repeatable that will move you forward towards your goals, consistently.

You need a power circle of other like minded people to hold you accountable and push you to new levels, instead of the same friends that only keep you right where you’ve been 

And that is why I created

I’ve created a club, a circle, a mastermind of high performers with a system that is designed to help you grow at a fast pace, remove problems and obstacles faster and get you to the RESULTS.

The High Performers Club is for:


who want to consistently crush their goals, and systematically make progress and grow.

- You want to reach goals, FASTER.
- You want to learn FASTER. 
- You want to be around other winners. 
- You want to get coached by the best. 
- You want to be out in front, not playing catch up in life.

But what if I still don’t follow through?

If the idea of announcing your goals to a group and being held accountable to the point of embarrassment if you you fall off the wagon, then this isn't for you.

This group is for those high performers that KNOW that there is a certain level of clarity missing, and they are in desperate need of not just a kick in the ass but also a clear plan and to be around other winners.

If you’re ok with consistently falling short and your ego is so fragile that you don’t want to hear REALITY for me along with others, that’s ok.

But if you are someone who is excited by the idea of getting coached by me 6 times a month, learning the systems for setting goals and following through with massive and potent execution, and being surrounded by other winners…

Then the High Performers Club is for you.

But the reality is that there is no such thing as certainty.

There is still a very good chance that you don’t reach your goals.

You could carefully execute a well crafted plan, hold yourself accountable, and still not see the end result you want.

I am not guaranteeing that you will double or triple your income, make the team, or sign the new contract.

Here is what I will guarantee:

1. I guarantee that you will learn more and progress faster than you ever have.

2. I guarantee that if you follow my systems, you will develop a tangible confidence that will be seen by everyone you surround yourself with.

3. I guarantee that you will be held accountable at a level you’ve never been, and will find yourself building the right type of habits like setting weekly and daily goals, evaluating, waking up early and more.

4. I guarantee that you will be more organized, more systematic and more disciplined than you ever have been.

I can safely guarantee that.

And what do you think will happen if that becomes your reality?

And just in case you’re still skeptical, or don’t believe you reach your goals, or you’re afraid that you’ll start something and not finish it again, I am taking away all risk for you.

You get to try the High Performers Club for 60 days with absolutely no risk.

That means if at anytime during the first 2 months you feel like this is not for you, you get 100% of your money back.

I’ll give you all your money back, and you get to keep whatever physical products you have.

I want you to be confident knowing that this club is right for you and that it will help you put the turbo boosters on your ability to make gains on the field and court, and in your pockets.

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