Most athletes are soft.

How do I know?
They make excuses.
They dont push themselves.
They are fake humble.
They focus too much on wins and can't handle the pain of failure and closing.

Because of this, they rarely make any breakthroughs. 
Goals do not become a reality, they fade always.
Then they lower their standards because they're weak. 

Entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders are no different. 

They say they want to be great and influence the world, but they fail to move anyone. Because they don't have results. 

They don't have results because they haven't figured out how to root out the mental weaknesses that cause average results. 

So instead of people following you, they look at you and silently lose respect. 

Now what does that mean for you?

  • No sales. 
  •  No audience. 
  •  No commitment from your team.  
  •  More frustration, more stagnation.  
  •  Then you procrastinate.  
  •  Standards lower.  
  •  The cycle continues.  
This mental weakness is the root of your problems. 

If it wasn't, then all of those books, tactics, and hacks would actually work. 

But they don't, because you're ignoring the reality. 

The reality is that you think in a way that limits you and acts as the emergency brake on your car. You’re pushing down really hard on the gas pedal, but you're going nowhere. 

And once you release the brake, you'll actually be moving. 

You’ll start feeling more confident on game day and in training. 
Pressure will excite you instead of make you fold. 
Teammates will respond to you instead of roll their eyes. 
You’ll feel in control instead of helpless and weak. 

But the key is transforming your MINDSET

Most people even know this but still don't know how to change. 

I remember coaches telling me “be confident.” 

"Don't let it get to you”

But how? I needed a gameplan. Someone to teach me the practical, step by step plan for how to build confidence and create a dominant mindset. 

That's what lead me to begin teaching athletes and entrepreneurs the fundamentals and mechanics behind transforming themselves mentally. I knew the mindset that got me to be a starter in the NFL. I also know the weaknesses that led to my career being cut short and struggling to create a career after football. 

So I went to work researching, learning, studying, and creating my own formula, rooted in the reality of what it takes to dominate at a high level.  

I have worked with professional athletes from all around the world, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who lead thousands of people and generate millions of dollars and have shown them how to transform their mindset and practically get themselves to perform at a higher level and accomplish results. 

I have boiled it down to a formula and system, one that is easy to digest, simple to understand, and can be practically applied. 

DOMINANT MINDSET: think and perform like an elite world class athlete.

Dominant Mindset is a step by step mindset course that teaches you how to systematically build more confidence, increase your trust in yourself, and develop a “killer instinct” so that you can be the type of player that people fear. 

I highlight the qualities it takes to dominate and I then show you how to practically apply these steps in a way that leads to results. 

Here's what you get:

7 hours of live coaching where I break down the 11 bloodline qualities and traits of the elite dominant athlete and how to create this mindset in yourself.

You'll learn why you keep practicing but seeing the same results.

The reason why you compare yourself to others and your confidence drops.

How to care less about others opinions and play your best under pressure.

The simple way to speed up results through a simple mindset shift.

How to be more tough, persistent and immune to “failures.”
The keys to building more discipline and follow through.

So you probably have a few questions:

How does it work?
Group coaching calls start next week. You will get a link and log in LIVE on your computer and phone.
Watch all the recordings whenever you want, as much as you want

What if I can't be there live?
You’ll get access to all the materials within 24 hours of the call and have lifetime access afterwards.

How is this different from your podcast?
I go deep, in detail, and leave you with tools and tangible resources to be able to implement this mindset. I also love to involve and interact with all of my clients and this is what will happen in the Dominant Mindset course. 

How do I know this will make a difference in how I actually perform?
I am very good at what I do and if you’ve already listen to my podcast, you can attest to the results you can see if you apply what you learn. But no sweat, if you don't like it, or it doesn't work out for you, ask for a refund within 30 days and I’ll give you all of your money back, no problem. 

How much is it?
My coaching programs range from $6,000 to $20,000 and my Killer Instinct coaching program has a waiting list. There will not be another intense coaching group until next year. However, I've decided to teach this course in similar way, with live interaction and a detailed and thorough layout of the traits and a practical way to install it. 

I also know how a lot of struggling athletes have trouble investing at the level they want, and a lot of startup entrepreneurs don't even have cash flow and are bouncing back and forth between gigs. 

For that reason, this course is not $6,000, it's not even $1,000.

I will be coaching you over 7 hours over the course of several sessions and you will get lifetime access to this content for only $297. 

You can’t even get an hour with a decent sports psychologist for that price, and you will be getting a world class experience designed to turn you into a Killa.

Start creating a Dominant Mindset for only $297
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